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February 25, 2024

I’m a big proponent of sleep. I encourage my family, including my stressed out teenagers, to get at least 7 hours a night. To some, it might seem silly to “waste” 1/3 of your day not doing anything, but that is the time our bodies need to recover and our minds get some rest from external stimulants. It lets us be more efficient in the waking hours, absorb and process information better, and generally puts us in a better mood. I can always tell when family members have slept less than their optimal amount as I’m usually on the receiving end! For some, sleeping less than 6 hours is a badge of honor, showing toughness, drive and work ethic. But that sentiment is changing with our “always on” lives. Unplugging and unwinding has become increasingly important to get that quality rest we so badly need. Ironically, some of the solutions for attaining this quality rest are tech-based. With a growing collective interest in self-care, SleepTech has been experiencing rapid growth, which is expected to continue in coming years (see chart below).


Some common use cases for sleep tech devices are sleep apnea and insomnia. With rising obesity and an aging population, sleep apnea is increasing across the board. Insomnia, the most common sleep disorder, can be a result of numerous causes, including blue light from screens messing with our circadian rhythms, health issues, anxiety, diet, and the list goes on. 

Examples of sleep devices include:

  • CPAP machines to increase airflow for those with sleep apnea

  • Sleep trackers (including smartwatches) to understand sleep habits and help pinpoint potential problems

  • Smart mattresses to optimize firmness and temperature

  • Sleep earbuds that don’t fall out and drown out noise

At Somar, we likely won’t be investing in any pure play sleep solutions as they are numerous and fragmented. We will however, be investing in sleep. A good night’s sleep means thoughtful analysis and the ability to react methodically when market opportunities arise. 

Sleep Well!

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