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About Us

Somar aims to view the world through the eyes of the consumer. We believe in the simple philosophy that Happy Customers and Thriving Business lead to a Profitable Investment. In that, we look for well-managed, well-capitalized entrepreneurial companies that appear to offer a superior value proposition to consumers, and are leading the way to meet changing consumer behaviors and demands.

Our Values


Integrity, truthfulness and transparency are fundamental both to our investors and to ourselves.

Our Investment Process



Somar invests in public companies that have the potential to be the market leaders of tomorrow. We look at secular trends holistically, valuing companies based on their potential, but also based on their risks. We have the benefit of liquidity, greater financial transparency, the ability to fund companies in geographies with less venture capital availability, and when things aren’t as rosy as they may seem, the ability to short.


Investment Horizon

Our investment outlook is long-term, at least 5-10 years. With daily pricing, public markets are oriented for the short-term, looking at the next quarter, or maybe year. But that leads to inefficiencies. A slight revenue miss might make a stock collapse, even though nothing changed fundamentally. A positive growth metric might make a stock skyrocket. For long-term investors like Somar, we love to take advantage of these opportunities, but focus on the bigger picture and longer-term, where capital is compounded 5, 10, 50 times.


Unlocking Public Market Potential

Outsized returns are not just for the constrained, opaque world of private capital. They are available in public markets too. It just takes the investing experience to model outcomes, the strategy to understand different scenarios, and the on-the-ground training to understand how companies are built and run.


That’s where Somar comes in.

Our Culture


Excellence drives us

To always go the extra mile in search of the best solutions
Pursuing the best opportunities for investors
Empowering portfolio companies


Teamwork in everything we do

Partnering with office colleagues for increased efficiency
Partnering with investors for the best returns
Partnering with portfolio companies for maximal competitiveness


Flexibility to deal with challenging business opportunities

Finding creative ways
Maximizing value for every stakeholder

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